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Legend of the Ottoman Empire in America

Tomb United States Arizona in the state Quartsit in the province ...
That sent as the United States camel herders by the Ottoman empire, and here that has become a legend, the name of the songs written, festivals held, Abd state by onurlandırılıp shrine made ​​" Haji Ali " is an interesting story of the Ottoman citizens ...

Haji Ali is coming to America has become a legend of an Ottoman citizen here I was really surprised to hear. Arizona, where his tomb in January of each year on behalf of the Quartsit a festival organized groups in the province to learn that the friend got up and went to the festival.
Haji Ali's Life

The trip lasted 5 hours' drive from Los Angeles ...
I encountered when we got to town I was surprised by the crowd even more. 20 thousand people came to the festival held on behalf of a bustling Ottoman citizens. Tents, markets established in the middle of the desert that was turned into a small town almost parental days.
Haji Ali's tomb at the beginning of the mayor and the other was the festival began with the commemoration of government officials. Haci Ali name right next to a huge festival area of the cemetery was established. Camel races, parades, memorial speeches were followed by festivals and concerts ...
I followed all that with pride and joy. One way or where our ancestors came tae themselves how much they sevdirmişl name has arranged the ceremonies, easy.
So who is this Haji Ali?
1850 ' s, is the United States western lands newly opened, while dealing with the Indians on the one hand, one hand, Calif experienced " gold rush" u intizama is trying to put the Americans who fought to expand their territory, TX to take control of the war with Mexico a kind of result can not withstand the desert horses are facing problems, especially in communication; ongoing solution that sort Ottoman - Crimean knows that the war in the Ottoman Empire in arms and ammunition transport and communication use camels US Secretary of War Jefferson Davis finds. Davis American senoto for this job 30 thousand dollar budget convinces separation and begin to work.Even in the army " Camel Military Corps " is a "well and forces " section to create success.
Davis çıkarttırarak a special permit " US Supply " is a ship, 1855 June 4 for supplying camels to Istanbul sends. American Embassy in Istanbul, the Ottoman shall apply to the Minister of External and located in the request to be allowed to purchase camels themselves.
In that year on the throne of Sultan Mehmet II. Reigns sits. When the Grand Vizier Fuad Pasha Sultan shall inform in writing about it and said it was a proper fulfillment of the request. Request accepted the reigns of Sultan, it prescribed that the gift came from the two best of breed October 12 Americans. Buy camels and 34 camels carrying vessels, Texas Indianola on May 14, reaches the port.
Americans have supplied camels, but there is no information about devecilik and therefore should also be bring together experts in the business. However, they agreed with the citizens of the Ottoman sultans Ottoman eight sitter camel's permission. " US Supply " ship set out on taking the eight people. According to the official record of these three the name of Haji Ali, George, and Ilyas Bey . Life in America through the Deveciler filled with adventure, but the most colorful life of Haji Ali belongs.

Came to America Haji Ali , leader of the camel konumundadır.kendi vicinity of where he was born in Syria, where he settled after İzmir, is too young to go on a pilgrimage known as Haji Haji Ali called him. Even when it is not actually a Muslim is a Muslim by some very young also said he went on a pilgrimage.
Haji Ali, America's California camel ethics gives US troops access to military units in the state. This first brought 34 camels then again added to the camel around 1000 taken from the Ottoman Empire. US - Mexico war over with, even when leaving the US Army and the military for many years devecilik training that Haji Ali years is separated from further ahead army. Haji Ali after the US military thinks that it has completed its mission of camels and bought many more. Haci Ali Arizona settled the state and thrown into married life business. Several camel starts to transportation that has, between the people of the state of California and Arizona provides communication with each other. It, too, has set up a small postal service our Haji Ali. It comes a time when the people no longer Haji Ali (come easy to him because their language "Hi Jolly" were nicknamed.) Would expect the road. It becomes a folk hero out Haci Ali.
Adopted by the US postal service, Hajj Ali started his own things begin to go wrong after a while. Now age is well advanced and the day of the release of the Arizona desert by camel in one, and his wife Serna with two girls believed to have been trained by and Islamic procedures ( Amelie and Herminia ) with Quartzsite are settling in the city.

City people are very loved by Haji Ali, with their utterance Hi Jolly, beloved goes to the desert years later to find the camel, for days not heard from him, villagers Haji Ali seeks in the desert, after a long search to find him a camel wrapped case are, however, Haji Ali camels are dead. in 1902 when he died in the year 73 was the age Haji Ali.
33 years after his death in 1935 year, he absentia state order is given and Arizona to Quartsit cemetery where lies the major figures of the city, " Hi Jolly Cemetery " is the name given built a shrine to the pyramid image of a camel relief on him.

Wandering from language to language as a legend in Arizona for Haji Ali every year in the 10 quarries in Quartzsite Hi Jolly festival made, camel races for the America's most famous camel drivers are made.

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